What is Platinum Planner?

PlatinumPlanner.com is an online web application tool for clinical management designed to bring students, teachers, preceptors, schools and clinical sites together for hands on training.

Improves school's experience by:

  • Scheduling student's more efficiently, therefore saving schools time and resources.
  • Measuring the impact of training.
  • Evaluating students objectively.
  • Documenting program experiences with ease.
  • Managing clinicals, labs, field experiences and scenarios in less time with fewer hassles.
  • Meeting the accreditation standards for quality assurance.

What our customers say...

Your service and your products have helped us to improve the quality of the programs that we offer, and have improved our ability to talk to our clinical sites in a more professional manner. For all these things, thanks, again!

Pete, Associate Dean

Contact Customer Support:

We believe in providing you with the best customer service on our sites. If you have any comments or feedback on how to improve the Platinum Planner website and/or its functionality and usefulness to you. Please contact us using the information below!

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